Why should you learn to </code>

Why should you learn to </code>

·Aug 10, 2022·

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Yes, you should learn code. Everyone should know the code. Even if you are not trying to change your career, but WHY? It's the same question throughout history "Why should I educate myself?" Computers rank on par with humans regarding cognitive ability in this digital age. Yes! How a computer operates and the human brain does are almost identical. Coding, then, aids in problem-solving and sharpens your reasoning skills. It will be 2x higher if you are a woman, as your brain can multitask😉.

As `Artificial Intelligence is replacing humans in many jobs, You should be able to give instructions rather than take one. At the very least, you must know what's happening around your programming world. We don't exist anymore without programming running around us. It's hard to avoid technology irrespective of your Background. Here are the reasons why you should code.

Work flexibility: The fact that you can work from home must make our ancestors jealous. It's time to say goodbye to 8 hours of dull office space! You can work from your couch. Avoiding the commute to work will save you a lot of time. You can do whatever fudge you want at that time. If you are married, well!... that's vice versa.

Money: There is a lot of money, dude, yes, a lot. Who doesn't like money? That's the driving force behind our boring busy lives. Isn't it? You can earn a lot of money by learning to program. You don't believe me. Check out the top billionaires. They all are tech firm founders. Techies can make a lot of money. Software Developers made a median salary of $110,140 a year. Holy cow! Well, my young grasshopper, that's not the case for everyone. Hey, but compared to other industry engineers, you are making more money than a seasoned man.

Career Options: you got a lot of career options. Especially in these covid times, You can easily land a job if you know how to code it. You can become a web designer, backend developer, App developer, Technical content writer, a freelancer for programming jobs, YouTuber, Blogger, and Program manager. There are many things you can do if you know how to code.

Automation: Yes, it's an underrated reason, but you can automate things you do regularly by using small scripts and, for example, checking your favorite merchandise on sale. An automated program checks those sites and lets you know when they are in the deal. Same for Data Entry, making groceries list, etc.

This is my opinion to conclude. You are welcome to your thoughts, but I genuinely believe learning to code will open new doors in life. Happy Coding! Folks

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